Thursday with Keys and tired

So… we have a key to our house.

Let me repeat that.

we have a key to our house.

We. Bought a House. (mostly) O_O

The next … um.. ever… will be a lot of slow renovation after a lot of quick cleaning and some painting. In essence, we plan to gut the house over the next 10 years. But oh, how fun it will be.

We bought a house!


In linkage world… [personal profile] meeks updated the Rin drawing: DW and LJ.

According to her new perks, for every three new commenters who mention I sent them, I can get more work on the sketch (or another awesome icon)! So go tell her how awesome the goat is! (also? You get into a pool to win an icon of your own).

One more note of [personal profile] meeks news – she’s asking if people would help her crowdfund a Wacom Inkling. Go weigh in!

Strange link edition short tonight – Crayola tulip fields

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33 thoughts on “Thursday with Keys and tired

  1. Congrats on the new house! Now comes the fun part, where you get to find out over the next few months all the things that are wrong with it. I hope you have better luck than my parents did. Our first heavy rain, we discovered that the sellers had neglected to mention that there were, shall we say, a few leaks? Which is an understatement. I witnessed what looked like water coming out of a broken-off pipe; well, I assumed it was a broken off pipe hidden in the wall there somewhere, since water was literally POURING in, but it turned out to be RAIN WATER. It all collected in a corner with nothing else in it, but that corner happened to be right at the bottom of the stairs, and there was no drain in that corner. Which was just *tons* of fun. We had to shovel the water to the opposite corner where there *was* a drain. You can bet we got that mofo plugged up just as fast as we could get someone to do it for us.

  2. Congratulations! (Again.) If you were to make a list of All The House Things, I would read it and admire your pretty list. >.> <.< Also, this weekend, and I reiterate: pictures! Before & after pictures!

    • We have the start of several lists, including Stuff to buy Today and Stuff to Buy tomorrow. I think priorities will be set in part by which things we discover we cannot live with the most. I.e., the bathroom is ugly, the floors are ugly, the card room is ugly, the stairs … you get the point. Which one will bug us the most? (At the moment, I’m between Card Room and Bathroom).

          • How are the underlying things? The paint on the outside walls, the septic, the plumbing, the heating system, the roof? Hm-mm. Foundation?

            • 1) Foundation is stable, though will need some long-term maint. 2) the outside is vinyl siding. We’ll need to replace a couple pieces. 3) roof is yay metal. Just fine. 4) Heating passed inspection. Witholding long-term judgement, the peripherals (baseboard boiler system) at least need cosmetic work. 4b) we may buy a woodburning stove. Apoc and all. 5) Septic was pumped. It works fine.

              • 4b) Wood heat is awesome! And very practical in rural, especially in case of power outages. (Are you getting an electric or gas stove for the kitchen, curiousity for the same reason?) Any idea where you’ll put it if you do get it?

                • 4b)(1) Wood stove bases at about $800 and goes up, so it’s an investment, but appraisal seems to show it will add ~ $1000 to house value. (2) We are getting an electric stove to not fuss with having gas (propane, in this case) installed. (2i) the boiler is oil, the water heater electric. (plan to eventually replace both with propane) (and then the stove) (3) There’s a chimney and a stone wall-backing in the living room, soooo.. 😉

                  • 1) That’s the estimates I’ve heard when we looked at them here. Installing it will go straight to equity, whee. 2) Yay for propane eventually! 3) Oh, right, this is that house! I remember the picture now.

                    • 1) Yes indeed. well, a bit. Probably double the stove cost in re. installation, a pad for under it. 2) indeed! Both boiler and Heater /will/ need replacing. 3) *grin* yes, Gray!Blue house with the awesome (if piney) kitchen (3i) the kitchen will likely be the last thing to change. (3ii) there is like a full attic of space over the kitchen))

                    • I require (well, would like) more pictures! And possibly a drawing of the house and grounds layout. This is a different one from the mysterious boat, right?

                    • The mysterious boat belonged to the garage tenant, who is gone. Did I not send you the beautiful survey picture?

                    • I’ve seen a picture (and google maps) of the house & its land along the road, but I don’t have a clear idea of the interior layout of the 1st/2nd/basement, so I don’t properly understand the different rooms you have to work with. You totally bought it for the kitchen, didn’t you.

      • I lived with burnt orange nylon shag pile throughout by telling myself that it was the same colour as polished pine floorboards and therefore anything would go with it. In my defence, it came with the house and I couldn’t afford to replace it. I had to find a way to cope.

        • Part of the plan with the mortgage we got (no closing costs, no down payment) is that we can turn that money directly into house repairs. But it will still take time.

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