Call for Prompts, Middle-summary

My call for prompts is up (and on LJ) and active for another 12 hours and, in that time, I’ve gotten some fun-but-strange writing done:

Isi, Waiting, Addergoole yr 22-23
Fleeing the City
Lost and Found
Pissing Away Time, Addergoole yr 9
Dusting Lost Thoughts, directly after Lost and Found

Preconceptions, in the same setting as Down the River, from my gender-funky call for prompts.

There’s still plenty of time to leave your own prompt, and if you’ve left a prompt I haven’t gotten to, I assure you I’ll be writing lots more tomorrow!

We have $14 in tips – $16 to go to the first donation incentive!

I’ll see you in the morning.

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