Wednesday Good thing/Bad Thing

Good: The electrician came yesterday and fixed several things that needed fixing – disconnecting the old, scary boiler, putting in GFI’s, fixing the exterior plug that was open to the elements.

Bad: He turned off the new, non-scary boiler and we didn’t notice until we woke cold this morning.

Good: I’m back on the wagon losing weight.

Bad: Despite the 50 lbs I took off, alderfather has not yet quit smoking. Everyone now! Boo, hiss, Bad Father!!

Good: For only the second time since going on his sugar-cat diet, Drake let me sleep through the night without demanding food.

Bad: Nightmares anyway.


[personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s Garden of Prose writing is awesome, check it out.

And I began an Autumn story (LJ) in hopes of getting more comments on Meeks’ sketch of Autumn (DW) ; for every comment, I’ll post 100 more words.


Links today are castle-based…

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  1. GFI circuits are a Good Thing. I’m glad we’ve got them in the apartment bathroom even though I suspect they weren’t required the last time the wiring was redone (l-o-n-g a-g-o). Now I need to find that weight loss wagon myself.

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