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IconFlash – Facets of Dusk, Josie – Still Falling

New flash series! I’m going to write one flash for every Icon I have, over 4 LJ accounts, 1 DW, and a whole bunch of not-currently-in-use, until I get bored or run out of icons.

Today’s icon:

An open doorway onto clouds

Icon from

Directly after Falling Falling Falling Down (LJ)

The fear Josie never spoke of – and she knew they all had one – was that they would step through the Doorway someday and be trapped in a deadly situation with no way back through the door.

It was an entirely rational fear on the surface of things, tainted by the acid-trip echoes that colored it, twisted by her deep conviction, down in her hidden places, that the team would abandon her in such a situation, rather than risking another member to save her.

When they stepped through into sky, she felt – no, knew – her worst fears were coming true. They tumbled down the side of the building, twisting and turning as they fell, plummeting down towards – towards what? Even in her worst nightmares, they never landed.

But she knew this fear, knew this scenario, having played it out a thousand times in her head. The team would not save her, but she could save herself, could save all of them. The building was not too far, all things considered, and there were things that looked like doorways spotting it. If she could manage…

She was not Aerich, with his world-warping magic. She was not Alexa, with the doorways. But she was Josie, and the wind and the rain spoke to her, the earth and the trees and the birds. And if the earth and trees would cooperate…

She pulled the rope from her pack with some difficulty, losing her change of pants in the process. She could save them all.

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House Renovations: An Agenda

Things to be Renovated Include:

– repair and paint walls
Install new window
– new trim for window
– have new baseboard radiators installed
– have new carpet installed
– build new built-in closet
(later: new linens, duvet cover, and paint job on dresser)

Next, in some order depending on mood:
also, goats.

Mud room
– strip wallpaper, paint, install doors to util room and kitchen, replace trim (and paint trim), repair hook board and seat and paint/decorate

Living/Dining/Card Room
– spackle sand paint non-paneled walls, remove paneling where feasible.
– Install reasonable light fixtures.
– fix short doorway between rooms
-(next year – level and replace floor)

– rip everything out and replace it, incl. kicking bathroom wall back for a 6′ tub

Basement stairwell
– clean, seal off attic, repair/replace shelves

– have leaks fixed
– Repair stairs

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