House Renovations: An Agenda

Things to be Renovated Include:

– repair and paint walls
Install new window
– new trim for window
– have new baseboard radiators installed
– have new carpet installed
– build new built-in closet
(later: new linens, duvet cover, and paint job on dresser)

Next, in some order depending on mood:
also, goats.

Mud room
– strip wallpaper, paint, install doors to util room and kitchen, replace trim (and paint trim), repair hook board and seat and paint/decorate

Living/Dining/Card Room
– spackle sand paint non-paneled walls, remove paneling where feasible.
– Install reasonable light fixtures.
– fix short doorway between rooms
-(next year – level and replace floor)

– rip everything out and replace it, incl. kicking bathroom wall back for a 6′ tub

Basement stairwell
– clean, seal off attic, repair/replace shelves

– have leaks fixed
– Repair stairs

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6 thoughts on “House Renovations: An Agenda

  1. Would like to note that orchards and goats don’t mix, the same way that orchards and deer don’t mix 😉 Although if you went with the Nigerian Dwarfs, you wouldn’t have to wrap too high up the trunks to keep them from nibbling/rubbing off the bark… Looking at the list, it’s pretty much everything BUt the kitchen sink, huh? oof.

    • *grin* Orchards over there *points* Goats over there *points* Since we’ll already have to wrap the trees. Well, just the utility room sink.

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