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Sunday with apples

Yesterday, we had apple pie for dessert (Small Batch Baking) and apple-cinnamon-raisin oatmeal for breakfast.

Thursday we made Spiced Apple Cookies (delicious).

Wednesday we made Baked Apple Rice Pudding, which is absolutely delicious.

Tuesday, we made apple crisp.

Are you sensing a theme?

The property came with an apple tree, which hasn’t been maintained in a while. It’s putting out about a zillion apples (I’ll be canning applesauce & apple butter), smallish tart apples. So far, we’re really just putting a dent in the windfall fruit.


[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has posted her Fishbowl Summary. I really love “Full Stop”; I also enjoy “Haunts of History”, which she wrote to my prompt.

[personal profile] lilfluff has posted a sequel to Sweet Iced Tea, set in the Tir na Cali ‘verse.

And [personal profile] clare_dragonfly has added more to “Harvest Day”, which she wrote from my prompt.



Bamboo curtain door, via Wyst.
Ikea Hack+Wendy House… two things I’ve been googling a lot lately, together.

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