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October Giraffe Call Closing (ish) Summary!

I still have 4 prompts to write – 2 for Ysabet & 2 for KC O’Brien – but I’m close enough to the end to post a summary.

Then I get to move on to the paid continuations! If you haven’t told me what story you want me to continue/write/etc. with your donation, please send me a note, comment, or e-mail!

I wrote 39 stories so far:

Rude Roommates (LJ) Autumn, and Ghosts
At the Movies (LJ)

The Grey Line (LJ)

Ghosts of Memory (LJ) Girey ponders

In the past
Giving up the Ghost (LJ)
Carrying the Spirit (LJ)

Tir na Cali
Ninja Kitty (LJ)

When in Rome (LJ)
Revenge of the Pumpkins (LJ)

Refurbish & Sell (LJ) “‘Spooks’ means FBI!”

(Main storyline)
Monster (LJ)
Memories (LJ) – Baram, through the lives
Not Everyone Makes it Out (LJ) and some never leave
Hell Night (LJ) Years 1, 4, & 7
Night Terrors (LJ) – Yngvi’s nightmare

(Yr 9)
Fae-Bane (LJ) Timora’s Hell Night [and notes on her appearance (LJ)]
Creeped (LJ) – Ceinwen’s Hell Night

Hallowe’en 19888 (LJ) (chibi, non-canon)

Dragons Next Door
Where Have all the… Zombies gone? (LJ) Aud & Jin having a discussion

Fears (LJ) Juniper & Jimmy, continued in:
Loophole (LJ

Questions> (LJ)
Consulting (LJ)
Salt (LJ) (After “Ketchup”)
Rule Two (LJ)
Skeletons (LJ), after The Black Tower & The Pumpkin

The Aunt Verse
Heirlooms and Old Lace (LJ)
Estate (LJ)
Lost Spirits (LJ)

Shadow Rebellion
In the Shadows (LJ)
Shadow of a Doubt (LJ)
Creep (LJ)

Inside the Walls (LJ)

Bug Invasion
Spooks vs. Bugs (LJ)

Cunning Linguist (LJ)
Ghost of Finals (LJ)
Unintended Consequences (LJ)
Keeping House (LJ)
Eat, Prey, Live (LJ)
Teddy Demon (LJ)

And we’re well on our way to that carpet!

The Giraffe Funds Raised So Far:

October’s funds:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun!

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Carrying in the Spirit – Reiassan – for the Giraffe Call @inventrix

For [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s prompt.

Thanks to @inventrix and @Anke for the names.

Reiassan, some generations before Rin & Girey. Reisassn has a landing page – here (or on LJ).

After Giving up the Ghost (and on LJ)

Commenters: 5

::We’re almost there.::

Ostovin found it more than a little creepy to be carrying his grandmother sheathed at his hip.

It wasn’t her, quite, not the woman he remembered; the soul in the sword had been, the High Priestess told him, distilled, hardened. The Empress Ellanasia had been a loyal and wild devotee of Veignevar, and it was that part of her, the wild red woman, that had survived death in the sword. But it was still his grandmother, the woman he remembered best as an ancient, cadaverous figure on the throne, passing him candies and advice about his fighting stance.

The advice had not stopped. ::If you want to win this war, grandson, you’re going to have to do something about your footwork. You sword-fight like a farmer.::

The truth of the matter was, while Ostovin was a loyal servant of the threefold, and strong enough in the red to please the temple, he had never expected to inherit the throne. He was rather far down the line, or had been, but the war his grandmother had instigated had served to winnow the numbers down, until it had been just Ostovin and a cousin. The cousin had slipped and fallen in a rainstorm within hours of their grandmother releasing her ghost, and thus, the would-be-ranger-and-tracker found himself cleaning up his grandmother’s mess.

“We’re there, Os. Your Majesty.” The look his lanky, lifetime-soldier cousin Erenya giving him was half assessment and half concern. He didn’t blame her. He’d be giving himself nervous looks, too, if he had to follow his own orders.

::You ARE nervous.::

“Of course I am,” he muttered. Bad enough to have to live up to your grandmother’s legacy. Worse to have to do it with her watching.

He nodded to Erenya to his right, Igerial (another cousin, another one more suited to this role than he) to his left. “Onward.”

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Eat, prey, live – for the Giraffe Call

For KC_OBrien‘s prompt.

after “On Top,” (Dreamwidth link)) from the gender-funky-giraffe call.

Commenters: 3

I couldn’t deal anymore.

I’d set myself up a perfect situation, or so it had seemed, but here I was, in my happy little pack with my happy little alpha who did what I said… and I hated it.

I hated his passive-aggressive bullshit. I hated being everyone’s mommy. I hated hearing everyone’s. Fucking. Complaints. Because, well, everyone knew the alpha’s bitch was who you went to when you had a problem. Everyone knew I’d listen to their problems without ripping out their throats for it, listen and be compassionate and pat their shoulders and tell them it would be okay.

And I was beyond sick of it.

It took a night sleeping on the floor, because Chris was sick and tossed and turned, followed by the world’s whiniest werewolf having a bad day all over my tiredness, for me to snap. I threw the cur out of my room – and I do mean threw – threw some clothes in a bag, and left. Just left. Out the door and gone.

I shifted to wolf form as soon as I made it out of the city, the backpack one of the doggie sorts modified for this, and ran. Ran and ran and ran.

I chased some hikers down into a ravine and terrified them for a little bit, ate rabbits and deer and, once, a raccoon that sassed me. Never humans, but it was fun to make them run. Fun to listen to them stop whining and focus on just living for a little bit. Even a wolf in a backpack is still a wolf, and I was a damn big werewolf.

I came across the human version of my whiney cur in a truck stop in Nevada. He was trying to tell me his problems. I guess I have that face.

“Sorry, I don’t care,” I told him. It was the most liberating moment of my life. Better than my first Change. Better than making Chris win the alpha challenge. Better than my first kill. The look on his face – sweeter than blood.

“You…” he sputtered.

“You might ask, the next time,” I suggested. “The last guy that whined at me without asking is still trying to find all his teeth. And I’m sure your wife-” there was a ring “-doesn’t like it either.”


“Just. Don’t. Care.” I grinned at him, and I’d been spending a lot of time in wolf form. My teeth were still pretty damn sharp on two legs. “Not sorry, either.”

“I…” He ran away… and I stopped running away from myself. I’d never felt better.

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Giving up the Ghost – Reiassan – for the Giraffe Call @inventrix

For Lilfluff‘s prompt.

Thanks to @inventrix for the name.

Reiassan, some generations before Rin & Girey. Reisassn has a landing page – here (or on LJ)

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“It’s getting close to time.”

Ellanasia lay comfortably on the slab in the back room of the temple, no companion, now, except the High Priestess of Veignevar. Her family had come and gone. Her courtiers had come and gone. The healers and herb-mongers and attendants, maids and bed-warmers and chroniclers had all stepped in and out in their due time, but now, at the very end of her life, there was time only for Veignevar, and for herself.

“This is going to hurt,” Tabyna warned her. Ellanasia choked on a laugh.

“Everything hurts, most honored one. Everything has hurt for a long time.” The scars from a lifetime of service to the red god ran tracks over her body like a map of her conquests, and every one of them ached with the cold of the coming snows, and the cold of the slab beneath her. “I will welcome the rest.”

“I know you will, Elle.” The Priestess set a kiss on her lips, a thing far more tender than either of them were known for. “I can’t say I’m sad you’re choosing this. I’d miss you.”

Ellanasia smirked, trying not to show how much effort even that cost her, now. “The most complicated ritual in all of the threefold faith, and you’re doing it out of sentimentality.”

“No more than you are, Your Most Exalted Majesty,” her old friend retorted. “I’m doing it out of necessity.”

“Then do it.” She leaned up, struggling, for one more kiss, then set her head on the slab with a thump. “We’re nearly out of time.”

“We are. With Veignevar’s blessing, then, Ellanasia.” The sword slid into her, hurting like nothing she’d ever felt before as it split her ribs and pierced her heart, and then, as the chanting of her priestess slowly faded into whispers, and then into dark silence, the Empress of Callanthe slid into the sword.

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Wednesday, yes?

[personal profile] eseme asked how Drake was doing, and, as I just made his semi-annual blood-test appointment…

Drake is doing wonderfully! He loves the stairs, and loves running up and down them over and over again. He’s eating well, happy, and generally content with his humans (although the noises of house renovation bother him, and T. being outside but in sight of a window makes him yowl. A lot).

He seems to be maintaining a healthy weight, and does well enough with the shots – he’ll come ask for them if we forget them.

Happy kitty! He also does not think apples are food.


[personal profile] meeks has updated the Rin Sketch again! (and on Livejournal).



Pondering nano & Autumn, as well as autumn-the-season. More on that later.


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Skeletons – Dragons Next Door – for the Giraffe CAll

For kelkyag‘s prompt.

Dragons Next Door Verse. DND has a landing page – here (or on LJ)

This comes after Over the Wall (LJ Link),
The Black Tower (LJ Link
The Pumpkin (LJ Link.

Commenters: 3

Zizny gave me a look that I couldn’t really read; this one had nothing of humanity in it. It tilted its head at an angle, to look at me with one bright eye, its nostrils widening and its jaw dropping just a little. “The Pumpkin and the Black Tower have secrets. This I can understand. But what of Sage and Audrey?”

I felt my cheeks warming; dragons did not blush, but I was sure that this one knew what the coloring meant. “We’ve been together for a long time. It’s hard to hide anything from anyone for that long… it all comes out in the wash.” Human idiom on top of human body language; I knew better. I blamed it on my nerves.

“Like stains.” The jaw dropped a little more. “And so you have no secrets from one another?”

“Mm…” I hedged, wishing for a tall hedge and not just a short wall between us. The look Zizny was pinning me with seemed entirely predatory, and its front claws were twitching. “There are Pumpkin and Black Tower things, I’m sure. We don’t tend to poke there much. And there’s my family – but Sage knows most of that now.”

“Most? Now?” Zizny’s wings flared a little bit. I regained my calm, surprising myself at how quickly it came back when I felt threatened.

“Most. My family are – well, not the sort of people you talk about in polite company. I had to explain quite a bit of that right off – right from the beginning. Human weddings are family affairs, after all, and not having any family to stand up with you is a little unusual.”

“Yes,” Zizny nodded. “That would be so in a dragon ‘wedding’ as well.” Its wings settled down on its back. “So you are ashamed of your family?”

“Oh,” I sighed, looking down at my toes. “Oh, by the seventh iteration, yes.”

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