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The Black Tower

New flash series! I’m going to write one flash for every Icon I have, over 4 LJ accounts, 1 DW, and a whole bunch of not-currently-in-use, until I get bored or run out of icons.

Today’s icon:

A creepy black tower and a pumpkin, with my user name

Icon by dhamphir

Dragons Next Door has a Landing Page.

This follows directly after Over the Wall (LJ).

“What is the Black Tower?” The dragon cocked its head to the side, narrowly missing knocking over the fence.

I blinked. The Tower has such a reputation among our people that it’s hard to remember it’s not that well known outside of the community. Even most other humans wouldn’t know what I was talking about – and I imagine the dragons handled such things in their own way. “The Black Tower is…” I resisted the impulse to end that with “…the Black Tower.” “It’s an academy of magic, considered highly prestigious but also highly dangerous. Sage attended there.”

“Ah, the Sandborn.” Zizny nodded. “We have heard of that place. On rare occasion, a young dragon will study there.”

“Yes, the Sandborn.” I’d forgotten it had a proper name. “I knew they had a wing catering to the non-humans…” I offered carefully.

“You did not attend there, then?” It raised one eyeridge in another gesture I imagine was adopted from humanoids. I flushed, wishing for a slightly less-perceptive neighbor. Maybe I should have been talking to the brownies, instead.

“No.” It would have been rude not to explain further, so I tried. “I went to the Cottage.” Unwillingly, but wanting to be clear, I elaborated. “The Pumpkin, we called it. But it’s…”

“…Lady Cassidy’s Academy for Young Ladies. Yes, I’ve head of it. I’m surprised, quite frankly, that it’s still around. Aren’t you of the generation that was working on that gender-equality project?” She made it sound like a coffee klatch.


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Giraffe Call coming this Saturday – and a question

This Saturday will be the October Giraffe Call for prompts, the theme sponsored by this icon from [personal profile] dhampir – “Spooks and Creeps, Ghosts and Ghouls.”

After a discussion in Clare_Dragonfly’s journal after her Garden of Prose, I’ve been contemplating donor/comment perks. What sort of thing motivates you to comment/linkback/donate?

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Is it Tuesday?

Last night, as we were sitting in our living room with the windows open (yay nice weather), we heard a sound like sticks hitting against each other and a thrashing in the cornfield across the road.

Sooo either there were men mock-swordfighting with sticks in the field, or there were deer fighting. This neighborhood, I’m betting on the deer.

This weekend involved a lot of replanting/repotting of freecycled plants – have you heard of Freecycle?. It’s an awesome way to get rid of stuff you don’t want and get stuff you do want (or just think at the moment “hey, that would be neat!”)

So, T. surfs the lists and sends me stuff that looks interesting, and then I send them e-mails: “I’d love that, I can pick up XXX after 5.” And then they ignore me, or say “sorry, already taken,” or “sure, I live in Ecovillage.”

Ecovillage? The website’s down right now – – but here’s the wiki for the concept.

Guys, this bears an uncomfortably strong resemblance to the community living thing I started in my head 18 (shh, I’m not that old) years ago that has slowly become both Stranded ‘verse and Planners ‘verse. Cross this with some Amish, some Mormons, and some polyamorous hippies, and you have the society that evolved into the Planners in my mind. (This is like when I found out about the prefab bunkers – it’s always neat to see how stuff you’ve imagined has been developed IRL).

So, that a strange moment! But I got aloes out of it – pics to follow – and chives from another trip, and they are now happily in pots and/or the ground.


Thesilentpoet is having a poetry/writing sale. Clever idea + stuff in the mail! Check it out!

Ysabetwordsmith has posted all of “Restoration,” to my prompt from her August fishbowl


Another use for player piano scrolls… I worked with a bookbinder who wanted to use those in a book at one point.


a moody couch.

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