Strange and neat – Addergoole Reading

Okay, this is cool

The latest Webfiction World has readings from Addergoole and [profile] haikujagaur‘s Aphorisms of Kherishdar.

I will note that the pronunciations are off on a couple things – “Ellehemaei” is (I really need to make a recording for this) ELLE-eh-Hem-aye (the last syllable is really between rhymes-with-hay and rhymes-with-die). “Daeva” is DAY-vuh, at least in my head. And “Elasmo” is “Uh-LAZ-moe.” But the reading is awesome.

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2 thoughts on “Strange and neat – Addergoole Reading

  1. I agree with you about Daeva – what you have written down is what I thought. Not sure how close I am on Ellehemaei. What I found odd about the pronunciation in the broadcast was ‘Maureen’. To me that ‘au’ is a long sound and in the broadcast it’s a short sound.

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