Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Not a lot to share lately; life has sort of focused down to apples and nano.

On the former, I have ~9 quarts of something like applesauce ready to can (I really need a second big pot, as the big pot is soaking off burnt apple bits before I can boil the cans), another 2-3 quarts of apple butter ready to go, and boxes of apples everywhere.

We went out to our favorite cider mill yesterday for some more cider and two big butternut squash, cooked one up last night (peel, slice into bits, microwave for 10 minutes, and then roast for a couple to get some caramelization (and if you’re not pan-roasting the seeds, you’re missing the best part)) and this morning we made Steel Cut Oats with ‘Pumpkin’ for breakfast. Om nom.

Nano’s doing decently, though we’ll see how I do when we get to the Giraffe Call.

Speaking of that – next Saturday, with a theme of “Family.”

Beginning to ponder Winter Holiday gifts.

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