Monday, time-confused

The Daylight Savings Time Fall back thing seems to have confused my internal clock as much as the cat.(“It’s early. Or late. Or something, and I’m hungry. Feed me?”). I woke up late today and was nearly late to work… but now am Very Awake.

It was a good weekend. We acquired cheap butternut squash and tasty apple cider, made steel-cut oats with pureed butternut, and I wrote a lot of words, most of them on my nano.

I have left to do: 2 long pieces for Rix, 1 short piece for Ysabet, a setting-piece or something for the comments perk (Still don’t know what to do about that; the story with the most comments isn’t really *in* a setting) and the extension piece, which looks to be “Rule 2.” Somehow, I don’t think this is all getting done before Saturday’s Giraffe Call.

If you have things you like for the Winter Holiday, it’s getting to time to post a wish list or lodge a request for baked goodies.

[personal profile] meeks has posted an update to Teddy’s Travels (and on LJ).

And [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has posted Opening the Gate, from September’s mid-month donor prompt session, based in part on my prompt.

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2 thoughts on “Monday, time-confused

  1. How many comments did you get on the setting-piece thing? I saw two for runner-up (counting mine) and one suggesting to make up a setting, so with those the result would be “runner up”.

    • Those would be it… I guess yes, if no-one else wants to answer, I can write my piece on how Cali catpeople came to be ;-D

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