November Giraffe Call Open!!

The call for prompts is now CLOSED!

The Summary is here on DW and here on LJ.

For the next 25 hours, I will taking I have taken your prompts on the theme of Family.

I will write (over the next week) at least one microfic (150-300 words) to each prompter. If you donate, I will write to all of your prompts,

If you have donated, I will write to every prompt you left.

In addition, for each $5 you donate, I will write an additional 500 words to the prompt(s) of your choice.

I’m playing with my incentives again.

For every linkback I receive, I will post another 50 words on a story (See the poll for setting here on DW and here on LJ

If I get three new commenters or one new donator, I will write a setting piece (setting chosen by poll).

And, of course, donations are always well-received:

If I reach $35 in donations, I will post an additional 1000-2000-word fic on the subject of the audience’s choice.

If I reach $65, I will write at least 2 microfics for everyone, whether or not they donated.

If I reach $95, I will write to every prompt I get in the next 24 hours (limit 4 per person) – or third prompt for each original prompter. At this point, please allow up to 5 weeks for the writing to be completed.

If I reach $120, I will record a podcast of an audience-choice story and post it for everyone to read. Also, everyone who tipped will get double wordcount.

If I reach $150, I will release an e-book of all of the fiction written to this call and the last one. At this point, please allow up to 6 weeks for the writing to be completed.

I’m still saving up for the giraffe carpet, which will be installed the first week of October November December (still can’t find a plumber, sigh)!

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43 thoughts on “November Giraffe Call Open!!

  1. absent biological parent vs not-blood-related parent figure Family of choice Three or more generations in one household THERE ARE TOO MANY BIRTHDAYS!! (I’m speaking as an introvert with quite a few extrovert and party-liking cousins…)

  2. Living life as an adult child of a dysfunctional family with attendant emotional and physical abuse. Yes, this is my life at 44. This may or may not include Addergoole and the abuse of ownership or be set in a new / one-off setting. That is completely up to you. As is whether you write to my prompt as I cannot afford to donate, even though I wish I could donate because your writing is so good and I love reading what you write.

  3. When someone goes to service the unicorns, how do other members of their family feel? After a bug and a human join as symbionts, how do they work out a platonic relationship sharing the body? That’s a family tie rather more final than marriage. The slavers from Tir na Cali look for runaways, people who won’t be missed when they’re turned into cats. What if they guessed wrong, and someone’s family very persistently tracked them down and wanted them back, come hell or high faerie?

  4. Baram and his at least temporary mixed/extended family of house elves, their kids and the (allegedly or probably) mundane kids from the street and school who came home with them. Why no-one likes going to X’s place for family get-togethers. Blood is thicker than water.

  5. 1. I was musing today while cooking, and decided I was curious why Ty and Anise decided to have a kid. I know Ty made the decision with Shiva and Niki, but not the story with Anise. 2. The full human half-sibling of an Addergoole student deals with a supernatural problem.

  6. Rin interacting with or pondering or talking about her family. Maybe at or preparing for the wedding of her near-in-line cousin? Aud and her mother-in-law and that incident with using some of black bottles to spice dinner. Jin and Junie — Juniper has noted that their interactions are changing as Jin is crossing the boundary between childhood and adulthood. There are things Jin is included in as a near-adult that Juniper isn’t. Are there things Jin can/does include her in now that he’s a near-adult? Are there things Jin is cut out of because he’s not really a child anymore? Anything that’s gone notably well or badly where it might not have before because of their changing relationship? Does Juniper know he may be heading to the Black Tower, and if so, what does she think of that? Where do baby dragons (well, dragon eggs, properly) come from, anyway? And are sub-adult dragons as twitchy about that as sub-adult humans are about the idea of their parents having sex?

  7. Hmm… * In comments on the Sweet Iced Tea scenes it came up free sons can have an unfortunately tendency towards nastiness to compensate for their uncomfortable mix of privilege and uncertainty… So how about a story about one who dodges that. Perhaps one who ends up watching out for a slave who is a younger half-brother. * Hmm. kelkyag has brought up Jin & Juniper, how about Juniper & Baby, or The Smiths and (hmm… Have we ever been given Juniper’s family’s name?) * Rin/Girey… Either Girey meeting Rin’s family, or maybe a generation or two later seeing how their (hopefully!) family to be have come to be.

    • Have we ever been given Juniper’s family’s name? Jimmy called Aud “Mrs. S” at one point, but I don’t remember seeing more last name than that.

      • *giggle* I just wrote part of the continuation of Rule Two that nicely avoids using a last name for Sage and Aud again! 😀

    • Okay, I got distracted and left that second prompt utterly incomplete. It was intended to continue with: With Juniper & Baby, and apparently Jin and Jimmy, spending so much time together are they growing to view each other as honorary family? The sort where you grow up calling someone Aunt/Uncle So-and-so even though there isn’t actually a blood or marriage relationship? So, for the second prompt, something touching on just what kind of relationship is growing between the two families, whether it’s just neighborly or more.

  8. Hubby’s playing Disgaea, so this prompt is from game watching: “littlest fire spell”. Camping over summer vacation Flight lessons ( thinking about Luca and his brood.)

  9. I love Stranded, but we rarely get to see the whole family together, and only once as adults. I’d like to see all four siblings together as adults, preferably in a more cheerful setting than a funeral. If we get a second prompt, I’d like to see them all as kids.

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