In Flight, a story of Dragons Next Door for the Dragon Call

This is to [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt in the last Dragon Call.

It comes after/during Parent-Teacher Conference (LJ)

“Are you holding on?” Jimmy called back over a shoulder.

“Yes!” Juniper giggled. The wind was whipping past them, so she’d tucked her braid into the back of her shirt, but now she was back to holding on to the handlebar with both hands. The school below looked very small. Even Jin looked small – and Miryam and her friends looked tiny.

“I didn’t know that there were saddles for dragons,” she yelled happily. “I didn’t think people could ride… people.”

“Don’t be silly.” His ear-crests did a funny ripple that they did when dragons were happy. “You ride centaurs, don’t you?”

“I have… but centaurs are half-horse. You’re not half-anything.”

“You’ve ridden on your brother’s shoulders, haven’t you? This is the same thing!”

“Jin doesn’t have a saddle!”

“Jin can’t fly.” The ripple was longer this time, like a laugh. “Are you holding on really, really tight?”

“Real-ll-ll-ly tight,” she assured him, and clutched a little bit more firmly.

“Good! Here we go!” He ducked his head down, and then further down, to the left, his right shoulder rising up, bringing Juniper with it. She had time to start a whooping roller-coaster scream before he went all the way upside down, the straps of the harness pushing against her, holding her on, while she whooped and hollered, and then he was back upright again, his ear-crests open fully. “You liked that?”

“I loved it!” She leaned forward, hugging his neck even as the handle-bar dug into her stomach. “You and Jin are the best big brothers ever!”

She was pretty sure the way his crests wiggled like that was a good thing.

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18 thoughts on “In Flight, a story of Dragons Next Door for the Dragon Call

  1. Awesome! Though I would be sick – I can’t do roller coasters. But this just sounds awesome. And Juniper really needed some awesome in her life.

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