Merry Kinkmas! Washing & Service, 2 stories of Fae Apoc for @Rix_scaedu

From my card, center row, “i,” and top row, “i.” for a block of “center three, rows one and three” for Rix.
(the free square picked at random from [community profile] kink_bingo‘s communal cards100 words each, Fae Apoc

Content warnings: …slavery, drugs, confinement, humiliation….

She didn’t notice when the car stopped, until the sense of belonging heightened to an intoxicating level and the trunk opened. Even through her closed eyes, she could see the light.

“Tch,” her Master murmured. “You’ve gotten yourself all messy again.”

Gotten herself didn’t seem fair, considering she’d done what she was told, but she mumbled an apology around the pacifier anyway.

“Come on, pretty.” He lifted her out of the trunk in his arms and carried her, somewhere, somewhere right. It wasn’t until she felt warm water sloshing around her that he told her “you may open your eyes.”

“You serve me now,” he told her, as he washed her.


“Do you understand how to serve?”


“Good. Still, I will have to teach you how I expect to be served, won’t I?”

“Yessir.” His hands were tender and careful as he cleaned her, but his voice was implacable. What had her power gotten her into?

“Understand,” he murmured, “that there is this service, that you will do me, and then there is serving me as my Kept, and they are different things.”


“It will not always be on your knees and naked that you attend me.”

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