Giraffe Call Mid-Way Summary Two

It’s been another busy week of Giraffe Writing. I’m nearly done with the second round of prompts – if didn’t leave a second prompt, please feel free to stop by and do so!

Here’s what I’ve written in the last week:
First Week Summary (LJ)

The Call (LJ)
The Linkback Incentive Stories (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Warning Buzz (LJ)

A Very Dragon Xmas (LJ)

Wishing a Merry Christmas (LJ)

Aunt Family
Welcome to the Family (LJ) (Evangaline)
Tell me a Story (LJ) (Rosaria)

Tir na Cali
Cali Novel 15c (Lj) [Beta]
Best Present Ever (LJ)

Truth, Beauty (LJ)
Let Nothing Ye Dismay (LJ)
Always wanted a Pony (LJ)
Goodbye for Now (LJ)

Space Accountant
Lucky Day (LJ)

Made from Words (LJ)
Miss Midas (LJ)
Gift-Wife (LJ)
The Truth, and Hair-Pieces (LJ)
A Star in the East (LJ)

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