The Giraffe Call is still open! Last chance to prompt until the next time!

The Giraffe Call is Still Open (and on LJ)! It will stay open until this evening.

Also, if you have prompted but only left one or two prompts, please feel free to leave a couple more! We’ve gotten to the incentive levels where everyone gets at least 3 prompts written to, whether or not they tipped!

At $211, we are just $29 from reaching the next incentive level, where I will hold a chat session with characters! (At this level, I’ll almost have paid off the carpet as well as the furnace bill!)

Claim your words! If you have donated to this call, or to any call, you can ask for $x100 words continuation on any story posted here!

Back to writing!

Linkback Incentive Story (and ON LJ)
Summary so far:
First Steps (LJ) The city remembers
The Dark Places, the Numbered Streets (LJ) – Ance seeks a real adventure. And finds it.
Recovering the City (LJ)
The Tuesday Map (LJ) Life in the BAELZ.
Souvenir (LJ) A little something from every city
Birth of a City (LJ) It started with asteroid miners…
Breaking Ground (LJ)
…On My Parade (LJ)
Down in Human Town (LJ)
The Cracks
Through the Cracks (LJ)
“China is Here” (LJ)

Unicorn Chase (LJ)

Origins of Smokey Knoll (LJ)
Planning Board Woes (LJ)

Underneath (LJ) [Josie[

Shadow Rebellion
Evoloution (LJ)

a Growing Plan (LJ)

Further Exploration Reveals… (LJ)

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One thought on “The Giraffe Call is still open! Last chance to prompt until the next time!

  1. It is a little ironic for me because over here in the UK, City designation is Monarch- and/or Government-bestowed. A City has to have a Cathedral, at least. Then again a Village is a much more sought-after designation than Town or City because towns are more soul-less than villages which are smaller and more “quaint” with a slower pace of life (I really miss the leafy village we moved to this town from about three and a half years ago) and cities have those “inner-city problems”… So, something about a town becoming a city that used to be a village and maybe about how such things are designated in whatever world you set it in. I must admit that I (and many brits) inwardly chuckle every time we are asked to fill in a web form that asks what city we live in because most of us over here just don’t! Anything you can get from that rambling as a prompt or prompts?

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