Summary-Like Update thing! See all the pretty Fiction! Answer all the Questions!!

The Giraffe Call is closed (and on LJ), but if you only left one or two prompts, please feel free to go add another 1 or 2.

Since the last update, I’ve posted several requests-for-feedback:
What do you want to know about my Settings? (LJ) (Stranded, Reiassan, Dragons)
Mid-month mini-giraffe-call poll (LJ) (what & When?)
Pretty Icons (LJ) discussion on possible February Giraffe Themes

I’ve posted three pieces from the last call:

Under Scrutiny (LJ)
Encyclopedia Draconic: A Survey of Reproduction Methods (LJ)
Teasers (LJ) Arundel, Sylvia, Porter

Two non-Giraffe pieces (in payment for an icon from @inventrix):

Separation Anxiety (LJ) Boom!/RP timeline/ Cynara
Parting Advice, and Mother Bears (LJ)

And seven more Giraffe Pieces:

Further Exploration Reveals… (LJ)
“I said, Further Exploration reVEALS,” (LJ)

Tir na Cali
Tea with HER (beginning) (LJ)
Tea with HER (continuation) (LJ)

Road Map To… (LJ), a story of Steam!Callenia

Fae Apoc
Scrounging for History (LJ)

Family Legacy (Dreamwidth)

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