Giraffe Call Summary – February Giraffe Call

For the February Giraffe Call (LJ):

39 stories written.
18 total prompters, 2 new
7 people donated a total of $80, 1 of which were new.
$5 of donations were left unclaimed.
Link to Call:

And the Stories!

Linkback story:

The most Interesting Wine (LJ)
Salvation in a Bottle ()
Bleed it Out (LJ)
Rose Petals (LJ)
Twelve Roses and One ()
Pure Snow White (LJ)
Wine of the Swan Maidens (LJ)
Pantry (LJ)

Engineered (LJ)
Re-Engineered (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Bitter Vintage (LJ)
Late Planting ()
Early for Roses (LJ)
A New Flower (LJ)
On the Adriatic (LJ)
Family Vintage (LJ)

Briars and Vinegar (LJ)
Briars and Vinegar: Blood on the Snow (LJ)
Briars and Vinegar: For 100 Years (LJ)
Briars and Vinegar: Sharp and Bitter (LJ)
Briars & Vinegar: Eating the Roses (LJ)

Picking Grapes (LJ) (Shiva & Niki)
Love and Hospitality (LJ) (Wren & Nydia)
What They Needed (LJ) Ambrus, 1984
Thorny Disposition (LJ)
Planting Seeds (LJ)

The Aunt Family
…and Thou (LJ)

The Sweet Rose of Morning (Did not Xpost)

Pure as… (LJ)
Making Harvest Wreathes (LJ)

Not That Kind Of Girl (LJ)
Roses (LJ) [Summer]
Admirer (LJ) [Winter]
Vinting Love (LJ)

Tír na Cali
Second Pressing (LJ)
Planting Future (LJ)
Success (LJ)

Rose of the City (LJ)

Dragons Next Door
Encyclopedia Draconis (LJ) – A Summary of Sentient Hunters of Other Sentient Species in Dragons Next Door

Bug Invasion
Poison (LJ)

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