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In the last week, I wrote for the February Giraffe Call:
One Off:
Wine of the Swan Maidens (LJ)
Engineered (LJ)
Pantry (LJ)
Fae Apoc:
Briars & Vinegar: Eating the Roses (LJ)
Early for Roses (LJ)
A New Flower (LJ)
On the Adriatic (LJ)
Family Vintage (LJ)
What They Needed (LJ) Ambrus, 1984
Making Harvest Wreathes (LJ)
Tír na Cali
Planting Future (LJ)
Success (LJ)
Dragons Next Door
Encyclopedia Draconis (LJ) – A Summary of Sentient Hunters of Other Sentient Species in Dragons Next Door

For the January Giraffe Call:

Productive (LJ)
The Governors (LJ)
Right and Wrong (LJ)
Fae Apoc:
Making New History (LJ)
Trusting in History (LJ)
Fairy Town:
About the Want (LJ)
What You Need (LJ)
Guarding the Church (LJ)
Paying the Rent (LJ) (Baram’s Jaelie and her Wish)
Bug Invasion
Poison (LJ)

And for no call at all:
The Beginning (LJ) [Donor Perk]
Under-Handed (LJ) [Beta]
Showing Off (LJ) [Donor Perk: Jin]
Backpack Gremlins (LJ)
Tir Na Cali:
Cali-Novel 17-end (LJ) {Cali-Beta}
Ciara: Wolf in the Hand ()
Still (LJ), a story for my Mother.

I also did a meme:
Ask me about my characters (LJ)

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