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    • * Addergoole * Rin & Girey * Cali-novella * Anke commish * Submission something * Donor story (unicorns) * Gremlins story Stuff for self-indulgence: *Sylvia/Gar *Cya *Ahouva *Black House *Ciara *Kink ~~ Everything I’ve said I wanted to write more on but forgot

  1. Alder-by-post! (Has issue #2 gone out?) Were/are you planning to continue with the Stranded novel? Autumn in the park maybe waiting for Tattercoats? Eva and Robby were left hanging mid-story. Eva has a bunch of open threads, including visiting an uncle and summer solstice, but I’m not sure which ones you were planning to pick up. King(maker) Cake? Rosaria’s story about Cady’s demon, and Lily? The lost spirits and traps Ruan inherited from Tansy? Ruan & Johais’s picnic, and the sunset phenomenom? Is anything about That Damn Cat in the queue? <hopeful> Cambrian’s box of plans; Nelia’s box of knowing? Beryl and cat; Beryl and charm bracelet; Beryl and Grandpa Joseph? Genique the space accountant, last seen with a pile of chips and a money leak to track down? Gremlins and hunters! What happens next with Miryam and her clique at school? The aftermath of Jin’s wire-wrap via television broadcast? The rest of Aud and Zizny’s conversation over the wall? Swiping a ship to go to Little Svon-on-Taba, in Steam!Reiassan, which you said there’d be more of? Rin and Girey and three days at the palace. And talking to her parents. And Elin’s wedding. And someone explaining to Girey about those bracelets. And! <runs out of steam> You do seem to have a “more, please!” tag … ETA: “And Before That”, “The Tuesday Map”

      • I rather doubt that all those are in your queue, I am just being excessively hopeful. And now feeling guilty in light of the sick week declaration. I wish you a speedy recovery! I will re-check my mail, but I don’t remember #2 arriving. Hrm.

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