Multiverse pairings for fun: Luke and the Ice Queen

From this meme; Luke is from Addergoole, The Ice Queen from Tea with HER in Tír na Cali.

“You are… not who I was expecting.” The woman at the table looked her visitor up and down, a small, cool, smile on her face.

Luke was unfazed. He’d been friends with Regine and Mike for a long time; neither Ice Queen acts nor lechery bothered him anymore. “I hope you weren’t expecting me. If you were, there’d be gunmen behind the curtains there.”

“I was expecting a gift from one of my Baronesses.” She showed no fear at the threat. “I wouldn’t want to harm a gift out of hand, would I?”

“Then you were expecting me.” He smirked. “Good. I’m going to enjoy this, Countess.” He stepped into the room and unsheathed his blade. “I like killing monsters.”

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  1. Quite aside from him apparently thinking her to be a Nedetakaei, who’s bucking for a promotion among the Baronesses?

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