Multiverse pairings for fun: Luke and Autumn

From this meme; Luke is from Addergoole, Autumn is from Stranded ‘Verse.

“Well, hel-lo.” It was out of Autumn’s mouth before she could stop herself. The man standing in the doorway of her booth was handsome, beyond handsome, gorgeous, in a craggy, soldier-rugged sort of way. Not normally her type… but then again, her type had not done her very well.

“Hello.” His voice matched his face, and the way he was looking at her seemed to mirror her impressions back at her. Then he found her face, and his smile was almost bashful. “Hello, miss. Are you Autumn Roundtree?”

“That I am, that I am. Step inside, peruse my wares.” Any wares you want.

“Your sister, Summer, sent me to you. I need your help.” He looked a little more abashed, and then, with a shrug that almost seemed to flare out wings behind him, he admitted, “I’m a long way from home, and I’m lost.”

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  1. *bounce* If he got here from Cali he is is lost! Did a Baroness call him up and not know quite how to get him back where she got him from? *gazes into the distance and thinks dreamily of a spinoff with Luke and Autumn babies…*

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