Steam!Callennan (Callennian?) costuming: Headgear and link

[personal profile] inventrix has a post on Imperial robes here. Also check out her tumblr for sketches.

Head Coverings:

I *like* head coverings. But I can’t imagine the faith of the Callennan as I’ve been thinking of it having a head-covering modesty thing going on.
On the other hand, the North of Reiassan is *cold*

This is the picture that got me thinking in the direction of head coverings

This is richer and prettier

Massively rich head covering

I can see this comign from something designed for warmth:

I can see this style of hate coming into fashion easily:
It sort of echoes theshape of the Russian fur hat:–Fur/Detail

And, for something a bit different, I really like the third one down here –
and here –
and here

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