Ciara! What’s she look like?

So kuroseishin is doing an Icon sale (which go check out) and I realized I don’t have a description for Ciara yet or her Change.

Anybody picture her at all?

I think she’s petite, and I think she’s of the family line (Fridmar) that turns colors with the Change.

All right. She’s a daughter of Fridmar. She’s short-by-my-standards, 5’4″ or so, and resembles Miroslava Duma, especially in this set of pictures.

We don’t know much about her except that she bakes, she’s been training in combat, and she’s polite and likes lists (sounds like someone I know).

I think her Change turns her into a deep nut-brown elf-girl. She gets a bit slenderer and a lot taller (8″ taller), her ears go long and pointy, her eyes go tiger-eye, and her hair gets veins of lighter brown like a rock.

…She is Taro’s half-sister maternally!

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