0 thoughts on “Poll! What should Lyn’s next serial be?

      • No apology needed, I just thought I should mention that I wasn’t sure if I’d borked your poll. Steam!Reissan and Space Accountant.

          • Yay, not borked! Boo, losing! (Exactly as expected given how the comments were running. I’m not sure why you opted for another poll?)

            • I have comments in four different places; I wanted to see if the lead for AgYr9 was as big as I thought it would be All three *will* get written.

              • Livejournal and Dreamwidth and …? and …? Or would that be telling? Then I’m *really* not sure why you opted for another poll! 🙂

                • Polls are easier to click and more concrete than “hey I’ve got a question.” Addergoole LJ, main LJ, DW, and Addergoole forums.

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