June Mini-Giraffe Call Summary

The June call was surprisingly popular for a mini-call!

Theme: Reiassan
21 stories written.
10 total prompters, 0 new
5 people donated a total of $60, 0 of which were new.
$60 of donations were left unclaimed.

I have drawn six names from the random-number hat. The following people please collect a 500-word continuation on any of the stories from this call:

If you have donated and not already claimed your donation words, please leave a comment telling me what you would like!

And the Summary:
The Call On DW (LJ)

Earlier Eras
The Goat-Bride (LJ)
Contemplating the Gods (LJ)

Run for It (LJ)
Rest Between Runs (LJ), after Run for It

Change of Power (LJ)

“Modern” Era
Rin & Girey
(On the) Offensive (LJ)
Ch2: Strangers (LJ)
Hand-Shaking (LJ)
Wild Horses (LJ)
Mid-Rainy Festival (LJ)
Mid-Heat Festival (LJ)
Pride (LJ) Bithrain during the time of Rin & Girey
Rub a Coin (LJ)

Steam Era
Weaving a New Way (LJ)

Every Gift (LJ) (after Road Map)
Building the Wedding-House (LJ)
Neighbors (LJ)

East into Blue (LJ)Linkback, Prompting, & Donating incentive story!
Goat-Riders, Stone-Riders (LJ)

Goatless (LJ)
Dirigible (LJ), after Goatless

Callenian Poetry, an Excerpt (LJ)

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