July Giraffe Call Summary

Theme: Addergoole Summer Camp
9 stories written.
9 total prompters, 0 new
1 people donated a total of $20, 0 of which were new.
$0 of donations were left unclaimed.
Call: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/370598.html

At the Zoo (LJ) Ayla, Ioanna, and Yngvi
Long Summer (LJ) Kendra
Summer Camp (LJ) Finnegan and Efrosin
The Ropes (LJ) Rozen!
A cy’Linden Summer (LJ) Jamian and Manira
Seeing Ghosts (LJ) Finnegan
Monster Camp (LJ) Finnegan and Efrosin
Three Summers (LJ) Agatha, Acacia, and Shadrach (as kids)
SummerTime Memories (LJ) – Jamian and Ty

We reached $20, which means two people may choose a 500-word continuation. The Random Numbers Say it’s…

[personal profile] eseme
[personal profile] imaginaryfiend!

Please collect your 500 words at the service desk!

[personal profile] anke and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, please collect your 500 words from June as well!

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