Countdown to Addergoole: What is Addergoole?

What is Addergoole?

Good question!

Addergoole is the title of two web serialized stories, the completed Addergoole set in the 5th year of the school, and the upcoming Addergoole Year Nine, set in, yes, the 9th year of the school with all-new characters.

A boarding school unlike any other, Addergoole is a story containing dark contemporary fantasy, with kink and sexual subtext, magic, violence, and a dystopian school. The incoming Ninth Cohort enters the school knowing nothing about the world they’re being plunged into. Come learn with them.

The school is also Addergoole: an underground complex three stories deep, with secrets down every hallway. Hidden under the South Dakota wheatfields, the Addergoole School is invitation-only, and invitations go only to students who are already, all unknowing, part of the Addergoole Project.

The Addergoole Project is School Director Regine Avonmorea’s pet project, a century-spanning plan that underlies everything that happens in the school, named after the Addergoole Parish in Ireland (Regine explains why here). Not even her inner circle know every twist and turn of this plan.

The Ninth Cohort will step into Addergoole in 37 days! In the meantime, enjoy the countdown, read other things tagged “Addergoole,” go back to the July Giraffe Call and ask for more story, or ask the characters questions. We’ll all be waiting with you!

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