Character Description: Garfunkle

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b. September 22, 1987
Father: unknown, shared with Kellagh (he does not know this, although he was raised by his father)
Mother: Shared with Isra, Shiva (nor does he know this)

Gar has never been what you’d call popular. He’s always had a couple friends, but his temper, a long-fuse-hot-explosion sort, has gotten him in trouble in more than one school and lost him more than a few friends. Never athletic, he took to the karate lessons his parents enrolled hm in like a fish to water but, despite their wishes, the martial art didn’t teach him to control his anger, just gave him further destructive force.

He’s good at classes without trying, an A student who tests and acts like a B-and-C student; he gets bored easily, and gets irritated even more easily. His teachers often came with pre-conceptions about him, which made them treat him like a troublemaker… which made him get angry, which made him make trouble. At the end of his last year of “normal” school, he’d just gotten kicked out for the third time. He assumes he’s being sent to Addergoole because his family’s run out of local schools to send him to and his dad’s not the type to go for military school.

He has one younger sibling he assumes is a while-sibling, but, then again, he thinks his stepmother is his mother. Fairuza will come to school three years after her brother. He is protective of Fairuza if she’s in trouble, but for the most part, doesn’t want much to do with her and ignores her and her girly friends. However, his temper has never exploded on her – or, until he comes to Addergoole, on any woman or girl.

He’s a solemn-faced teen of primarily Irish ancestry before his change, with pale ginger hair and dark blue-green eyes, a complexion prone to freckling and a very stubborn chin. He stands about 5’10” tall, with a bit of muscle on him, just enough to avoid being lanky or lean; he’s been trying to bulk out. He’ll have a nice chest and six-pack if he ever works for it. He keeps his hair cut very short to avoid the curl, and hasn’t started to grow in real facial hair yet.

He’s prone to wearing a hoodie over sarcastic-saying T-shirts and whatever jeans appear to fit; he wears combat boots unlaced and likes to wear a baseball cap when he’s not wearing a hoodie (and sometimes when he is).

His Change gives him a couple inches in the shoulders, chest, hips, arms, and thighs, making him a bit more solid. More importantly, it adds rocky plates to his arms and legs, a long ridge of the same rock above each ear, curving back down to meet in the back over his spine, and give him the ability to shoot off crags of the same red stone when he’s angry or threatened. He is not particularly a good candidate for, say, attacking in a hallway.

Unsurprisingly, he’s awesome at Eperu. He’s pretty good at Kwxe, decent at Panida and all right at Huamu. He rocks at Idu (ha), is pretty good at Buli, and is passable at Abutu and Jasfe. He will never master Tuapeka or Hugr, and will only be halfway decent at Masking.

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