Countdown to Addergoole Year 9: Meet Brydan!

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For the 52 days leading up to the 52 weeks of Addergoole: Year 9, I will be posting something Addergoole-related (almost)every day.

Today I introduce Brydan!

Brydan is a vivacious strawberry blonde woman in denim short shorts and a pink tank top. Brydan is cheerful, friendly, a “sexual healer.” As if to highlight her lightness to her half-sister Ivette’s dark, Brydan has tiny, flightless golden-yellow feathered wings, and a tiny tail of matching feathers.

In her last year at Addergoole, she has remained sweet and cheerful throughout. She is often the cy’Linden other cy’Lindens send to talk to other cy’rees, because she is least likely to offend.

And today she’s here to answer your questions!

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    • Oh, I love it! /Brydan leans back, smiling broadly/ A lot of the cy’ree gets hung up on the sex, you know? They take themselves very seriously, and they forget that not everyone has the same desires. Or they know that – and think that makes them better. So I ust sort of slip between and smooth things over, you know?

        • oh, you know. “He wasn’t trying to be rude, he just really thinks you’d be fun in bed. That’s not supposed to be an insult.” Orrrr….. “cy’Linden is worried that you Kept one of ours, and we really like playing with him. Can we still play with him sometimes?” That sort of thing.

          • With the second one have you ever had anyone tell you, “He told me that he’d agree to be Kept so he didn’t have to play with X cy’Linden again.”

                • I’m not like some of us, you know, I want everyone to be having fun. I just didn’t know he wasn’t having fun… he never said anything!

                    • That’s good! So “I don’t want to play with X any more” sort of turned into “I’m too busy to play with X because of important relationship?”

                    • Well, it was like this He didn’t say anything at first. He never does, you know. So for my first year, he was still playing with us. And then the next year, up comes Adelheid and Keeps him on her first year. Practically before Hell Night. And then he’s all “hands-off” and “My Keeper says no sex with others” at the meetings… so we worried. And some of us worried, and some of us… pushed. We can be a pushy cy’ree. So I talked to her. And that’s when I learned what had really been going on.

                    • Wellll he’d been Kept by Ivette his first year. And, while I don’t like to speak ill of my kin… Ivette is a bit nuts. Just a bit. And she’d broken him good. And then he’d just… gone along with everything anyone in the cy’ree wanted for the next two years. It was easier, he said, than pissing off Ardell. Or Ivette. Or Magnolia. /She sighs, and squirms uncomfortably/ I’ve never met Ardell, but both of those ladies can be both sweet and intimidating in turn, and I think that really threw Anwell. But by the time Adelheid showed up, he was just grateful for rescue. Funny though. She’s got the horns; I thought all Aelfgar’s get were straight gay.

                    • I hear that some people have one person they fall for who isn’t in their ‘normal’ pool of people they’d be attracted to. Maybe he’s hers?

  1. Cody blushes through much of the ongoing discussion. “Um, yeah… So I thought it sounded like maybe you’d be the one to ask… If Professor Solomon says, if I’d like help studying for History class I could come by after classes. Is he suggesting what I think he’s suggesting? “I mean, well, kind of rude to say it, but you here about teachers on the TV, and then all the stuff down here. And if I’m wrong he could get yelled at and I’d get yelled at and maybe we should just forget I asked anything. Just ’cause he teaches math and not history doesn’t mean he means that…”

    • Professor Solomon? /Brydan is too polite to giggle, but she does smile./ If Professor Solomon offers help studying, he’s offering help studying. If Professors Linden, Valerian, or Doug offer “help studying,” they’re probably offering horizontal help.

      • Cody blinks are stares for a few seconds while her cheeks blush furiously. “Oh. Um. So can we never tell him I asked about that?” Her brain runs over the list a few times. “Wait. Doug too?”

        • Dougggg won’t admit it to anyone. But everyone knows he slept with the Thorne Girls, and people have their questions about Kylie. Probably not Arnbjorg and I never said anything about that, she’d smush me.

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