Countdown to Addergoole Yr9: Belfreja

52 27 Days To 52 Weeks

For the 52 days leading up to the 52 weeks of Addergoole: Year 9, I will be posting something Addergoole-related (almost) every day.

This evening I present: Belfreja!
And a prototype of my Cast Page Character Summaries for perusal and suggestion:

Belfreja is a sweet, gorgeous woman, Masked or Unmasked; her Change gives her the ram horns that are both her parents’ legacy.

This tall, broad-shouldered girl, her Viking ancestors clear in her appearance, has a fondness for foreign languages, foreign food, and classic everything.

She has appeared in the story Mission to Paris, which is set several years after Addergoole Year 9.

I offer her up to your questions today!

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0 thoughts on “Countdown to Addergoole Yr9: Belfreja

    • Hello! Addergoole is certainly an interesting place, isn’t it? I did meet my biological mother, and I hear I have any number of siblings form both my biological parents. And there’s some very nice people here, too.

        • Wellllll, Porter, of course. My half-sisters, all of them I’ve met so far, and half-brother. I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, so I don’t want to get into all the specifics.

            • /She purses her lips and frowns/ I don’t like to speak badly of people, but there are a few here in Addergoole who might, you could say, deserve the ill-speaking. Dirk, for instance, is an acquired taste. Same for Tess-and-Lucian. And I’m not entirely certain about Indigo, family or no.

                • Oh, I’d like to be friends with everyone. I like Ciara a lot, and Timora, of course. I’d like to get past Gar’s shell, and Speed intrigues me. Brenna, of course, Sylvia. Thessaly and Lucian and their boyfriend Lee.

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