Icon Day Icon Day Djinni’s Icon Day #23 is Open WHEEE!

Like the subject says!

My icons from Djinni include:

So… what should I request this time?

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0 thoughts on “Icon Day Icon Day Djinni’s Icon Day #23 is Open WHEEE!

  1. I’m not sure I know who all of these are! It’s a bit out of season, but weren’t you interested in an apple or apple-picking icon a while back? Or maybe something more broadly cooking-oriented?

    • Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring (Stranded) Jamian, Ayla, Shahin, Shiva Ayla (Addergoole), Beryl (Aunts), Rin, Gremlin (DND) Girey, Pterry (no setting) Alexa (Facets), Generic-Cali-Girl, Dragon Jaunx (From Djinni’s comic), Giraffe, Dragon (no setting) Me, Me. I have too, I just forgot it. That’s me-cooking. Hrm. My first request is Theo in a bishop’s mitre, so something fiction-related maybe.

      • There are no apples in your cooking icon, but it is clearly a cooking icon, so that will do! You don’t want matched Theo and Ollie icons? Facing each other with their respective symbols of power? Or more gremlins! (Okay, I don’t actually think you need more gremlins, they just amuse me.) Or Radar, though I suppose that’s him there with Beryl already. Joseph-as-necklace?

        • I was looking through my tags list, and tags for which I have posts and no icon include: baram’s elves 10 Boom 13 reiassan 107 (okay, I have an icon for this, but not for general reiassan) Steamcallanthe 12 Faeapoc:postapoc 14 Fairytown 17 Faeapoc: 15

          • I’m curious what would do with a steampunk theme. The corpse-lamb ghost from faerie town? That’s such a diverse place, I’m not sure what one icon would do. I don’t think the Charlies’ Angels church defenders in stained glass would fit into one icon. 🙂

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