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The ClockWork Collar, or The Princess of Al-ben, a kink-bingo mini-story in 25 parts. Part 16 and 17

Well, I didn’t make it to 25 by the end of the month.

Is there interest in me finishing the journey, or should I go back and edit/flesh out?

She stroked him slowly for a moment, enjoying he way he shivered.

“I belong to you.” She smacked his thigh with the back of her hand. “You bought me. She pinched the soft meat on the inside of his leg. “And that was what was supposed to happen.” She slapped his ass, hard. He groaned, little grunting noises, around the toy in his mouth.

She punched him in the kidneys. “I am yours.” She grabbed his hair and yanked his head back. “I belong to you. You’ve claimed me.” She ran her nails down his back. “Entirely. Forever. Damn you.”


He’d stopped making sounds. She peeled his eyelid back to be sure he was still conscious; he blinked back at her.

“Yours,” she repeated. “And you are never going to forget it again.”

“Mm-mmrg?” He sounded groggy.

“Again. Now. Hold still.”

He tugged on the ropes. She ignored his wordless commentary and dug in his bags again. “Somewhere… here.” It was a good thing she had him tied up. “This is going to hurt.”

She had a design in mind, and a location. The needle and ink weren’t designed for this, but they worked. “The princess of Al-ben, indeed.”

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