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Eralon Explains

To [personal profile] flofx‘s Commissioned Continuation of The Second Restriction

It had taken a week for the temple to settle down.

In that time, the Lesser High Priest of the Evening had been induced to return the Oracle and the Duty Scribe to their rightful places in the temple, and every priest in the nation, or so it seemed, had gone over their interpretation of the Oracle’s words.

In that time, no Oracle had taken the holy seat, and none had attempted any of the other six methods of contacting the gods. The priests were, although they would never admit it, playing it safe.

Finally, however, tradition and the weight of a holy bureaucracy insisted that they put the girl back on the chair, and call forth Eralon’s voice again.

She rolled her eyes back in her head, and her voice became thick and deep. “You think to question me?”

“Err, blessed light upon the morning, blessed waters we shall not sully, of course we do not question you.” The Higher High Priest of Evening was not going to be outdone by a mere Lesser High Priest; he stepped to the front of the dais to speak, perhaps not entirely mindful enough of the thin line of red tiles, or having forgotten their purpose. “We simply seek clarification as to the Oracle’s words.”

“Are not the Oracle’s words mine? Are her throat and her lips not the vessels you have chosen through which to hear me?”

“Well, yes, oh highest light on the sky…” The Higher High Priest stepped forward again, heedless of others around him stepping back. “But it’s just… it is, to us, strange, to hear you contradict that which you have said before. And are not the restrictions holy and to be kept, regardless of all else?”

“The restrictions and the requirements I gave you are holy and of the highest importance.”

“But, oh brightly shining…” The Higher High Priest got no further. The Lesser High Priest found it promising that he did not burst into flames, but simply sigh and fall to the ground. Three burly acolytes pulled him away from the dais, and, with considerably more caution, the Lesser High Priest of the Evening stepped forward, mindful to keep his toes behind the red line of tile.

“Oh brightly shining beacon in the sky, we thank you for correcting our ignorance. Know that the second restriction shall be stricken from the books, and that none shall be required to build bridges where the path should be passable by foot.”

“Good.” The voice of the god in the oracle sounded sullen. “It’s a silly restriction. There are far better things to spend your money on, your time, and your energy.”

“We thank you, oh sun of the morning. Ah… what about the third requirement?”

The Oracle’s head swiveled until the god’s glance was firmly upon the Lesser High Priest. “That one stays. Know you not why you are required to do so?”

“Ah…” He didn’t dare look down, but he did shuffle backwards as subtly as he could. “No, exalted lord.”

“Well then.” The Oracle crossed her legs and leaned forward. “Get this vessel some water, and get your scribe some more ink. Today, Eralon will educate you.”

The Lesser High Priest of Evening scrambled to do as his god had bade him. He had a feeling this was going to be an interesting evening.

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Mini Call Day Three Summary

A vacation in the middle dragged Day Three Writing out for Four Days, but I’ve finished the first prompt for everyone now!

Mini Call Day Two Summary (LJ)
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And Other Things:

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Donation Levels Reached!

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If you have donated and not yet told me where you would like your donation words, please leave a note here.

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Six Sins and One, a story of Fairy Town for the Giraffe Call

For [personal profile] kelkyag‘s Prompt.

This comes after Moving In

I looked up 7 deadly sins on Wikipedia, and this popped out at me. Said I, “that looks like a fanfic.”


Six things you can get away with in Fairy Town, and the One that you Can’t.


The Lion King stared around the neighborhood his women had bought.

His Women. His Neighborhood. And it was good.

He waved at the barkeep, who waved back. Everyone knew this was his place, and this his place was the best place.

The Lion King smiled, and the world smiled back.


He told stories of his upbringing, of their last city, of their real names.

They all did. It was part of their shtick, part of what made them strange and untouchable. They were from the Sahara. They were from Jersey. The zoo. The moon.

And the barkeep just laughed.

Innocent Blood

The Lion King hadn’t meant to kill the kid.

The teenager had challenged him, though, and there was only so much reason left by the time someone was done rubbing against his women and mocking him. And then there was a dead punk, and a deep hole, and nobody spoke.

Wicked Plots

They’d bought three houses before anyone really noticed, five before anyone started to complain, and seven before the barkeep’s wife frowned at them.

“What are you up to?” She made it sound like a gentle scold.

The Lion King just smiled. “We’re plotting world domination. Don’t tell anyone?”

Nobody told.

Mischievous Feet

He liked telling stories like that. It went along with many of his other tricks. Stealing someone’s food and giving it to someone else. Stealing someone’s baby (he only did that once), stealing someone’s luck.

Mostly because he was a Lion, the town tolerated his pranks – and his lies.

Deceitful Witness

Not just little lies, not just the ones about where they were from. He lied on the stand when called to trial. He lied about who stole things (including the baby.) They all did, because he did. It was fun, to loll about making up stories. Nobody seemed to mind.

Sowing Discord

…until the lies and the theft started pitting a couple neighborhood regulars against each other.

The Lion King thought it was funny. Just another prank, right? Get the ogre and the goblins yelling. Get the norms yelling.

Tom Morgan and his wife headed the pack, but the whole town was behind them.

“Stop. Or Get Out.” It might take a troll to take down a lion, but four hundred townspeople were bigger than one troll.

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