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Stair Sprints, Personal appearance, and Firewood!

I recently posted my resolutions for 2013.

In keeping with the New, Improved Lyn, I have been doing sprints of the stairs at work on lunch.

My cardio fitness is pretty… unfit, really. So stairs are hard. But it’s gratifying to find out that they get easier every day. Just another minute a day, every work day (with some backtracking on Mondays, so it’s like:
9-10 (this part is presumed; I started last Wednesday).

Not only does this burn calories and warm me up (two things I need at this job!), but it’s helping me get in shape for this (Buttermilk Falls)

and these (Taughannock Falls)

and these (Robert H. Treman State Park)

and these (Watkins Glen State Park).

In other news, I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe. One of the things I want to do this year that I forgot to put on the list was – pick one outfit that really looks the way I want to look, and make it happen, buy, sew, whathaveyou.

I’m also trying (one day and not posted so far) to take pictures of my current outfits, in both vanity and to encourage myself not to keep wearing the same 8 outfits. Both ideas kind of spurred by The Uniform Project.

In completely other news, have I mentioned how happy having a giant pile of wood behind my garage makes me? It’s like… totally non-liquid assets. Solid assets. Security. It fills me with warmth.

And then it fills me with warmth splitting it, hauling it, and stacking it.

And then it fills me with warmth in the wood-burning stove.

And then emptying the ashes.

Isn’t that awesome?


What about you? What will make you life better?
What fills you with warmth?
What makes you more the you that you want to be?

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