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December Giraffe Call Summary!

For the December Giraffe Call, I received prompts form 10 people, none of them new.
I received donations from 4 people totaling $65 – no new donors, either

The Stories:

The Topics Poll
The Call (LJ)

In an AU
Twin Study (LJ) – AU second-gen

Sister Trouble (LJ)

A Couple Helping Hands (LJ)
Littermate (LJ)

Second Generation
Together/Again (LJ)
Nephew-Nieces and Other Family (LJ) Carey and Dom

Aunt Family
Intimately Involved (LJ) – Deborah (another branch)
Sister Help (LJ) Beryl and Chalcedony

Fairy Town
The Stories Tell… (LJ)

Adhara Speaks (LJ)
On the Water (LJ)
Misc: Space
Decavted (LJ): Did not X post
Misc: Fantasy
The Twin Omen (LJ)
Day Twin, Night Twin (LJ)
Misc: Urban Fantasy
Big Brother (LJ)


Interesting non-Giraffe Posts
Zazzle Store, Cy’Luca (LJ)

Late Harvest (LJ)

Facets Landing Page Updated (LJ)
Unicorn/Factory Landing Page Updated (LJ)

Lexember: Milk and Yogurt (LJ)

Mike and Love
Love (LJ)
Looking (LJ)

A generous anonymous donor has given 500-word continuations to four people; chose:
[personal profile] kay_brooke
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
[personal profile] avia
[personal profile] lilfluff

Please collection your continuations at the courtesy window (below).

Those who donated, please DM, comment, or e-mail me with your continuation choices.

(Missed the Call? Have a good excuse? You can still leave a prompt on the call if you leave a good yarn with it. And if you want to see the linkback story continued – link back!)

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Ja No Wri Mo

For January’s Ja No Wri Mo (Pirate Nano, mark 1), I am doing a modified (smaller) Nano: 30,750 words

This comes down to:

8,250 words of Addergoole9 The Main Book (275/day)
15,000 words on Rin & Girey (500/day)
7,500 words on owed commissions (250/day)
30,750 words (1025/day)

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Resolutions in the New Year

Weight and Health:

  • Lose 36 lbs over [48/36] weeks.  Fit comfortably in [my smallest jeans/a size 6]. 
  • Be active a little every day, a good amount (1/2 hour+ once a week, a lot (2+ hours, a hike) once a month)
  • Get rid of encroaching flab under arms; have a stomach I don’t mind being seen in a swimsuit.
  • Eat more vegetables: at least half the plate at least 3x/week
  • Be able to handle the stairs at any of the given local parts without panting. 


  • Have Rin/Girey finished and ready to Kickstart by April at latest (this allows for working on it in JaNoWriMo and MaNoWriMo)
  • Submit at least one story a month for publication
  • Addergoole:
    • Get Addergoole E-books available
    • Work on B-sides and have at least 10 5 available before the end of the Addergoole Year


  • Go to at least three social events this year
  • Make at least one friend I feel comfortable hanging out with for, say, coffee once in a while


  • Set boundaries. Tell people when they’re making me uncomfortable.
  • Language: learn how to speak in un-ambiguous language and ask for clarification when I think someone else is being ambiguous


  • Find an marginalization organization plan that works and stick with it. (so far ToDoist seems to be working very nicely.


How about you?

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