January Wordcount

Addergoole 16708 (all Addergoole: Chapters, Bonus stories, setting stories, commissioned)
Rin/Girey 6939 (the re-write)
Giraffe-Related 11737 (Giraffe stories, commissioned continuations, Alder by Post)
Submission 594
Kink Bingo 2500
Total 38478

Janowrimo… didn’t really happen
Rin Goal: 15,000
Rin Actual: 6,939

Addergoole Chapters Goal: 8,250
and the actual: 7,374

Commissioned Goal: 7,500
Commissioned actual: 11,730
(this counts anything people paid me to write, Addergoole or Giraffe).
(This is the one area where I surpassed my goal.)

We’ll see how MarNoWriMo does for me!

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