Pi No Wri Mo: Day Four

Yesterday I wrote 1537 words of Addergoole and 566 words of Other.
This brings my totals to 6127 (par 6000) and 1925 (par 2000) going into today.

If I wrote 125 words less of Addergoole and 125 words more of Other today, I would be at par for both.

Last words of last night, Other:
“Trees have a different sense of brief than we do?” Aoife shrugged. “I don’t have training in xenobotanical ambassodorial duties.”

Last words of last night, Addergoole:
It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough, when she knew she could have been locked in a basement. “I’ve got to go see Arundel.” If she whispered quietly enough, her voice didn’t hurt people.


Other news:

I am still plodding along on my last Giraffe Call!! Because I haven’t gotten through the first round of prompts yet (I was sick 🙁 ), prompts are still open!

And at $17.50 in donations, we are $12.50 from a hot cocoa recipe and $22.50 from donators getting another fic written!

And in health news, I’m feeling better! (mostly)

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