Giraffe Call – an interim Summary

I am still writing stories for the Giraffe Call! Which means I’m still taking prompts, if you want to prompt!

The Call! (LJ)
The Linkback Story (LJ)

The summary to date:
Addergoole: Year 9
Friendly (LJ )
Year 8
Educational (LJ)
Year 10-11-12-13
They Were Over (LJ)
Year 13
Doug Gets a Hug (LJ)
Year 17
Signs of Love (LJ)
Shades (LJ)
Year 22
Triangles (LJ)
From January:
Laziness x4 (LJ)

One Off
The Purple (LJ)
Even the Insect That Bites You (LJ)
Kitchen (LJ)
Fine Dining (LJ) (modern)
Safer Shooting (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Monster (LJ)
Enough Warning (LJ)

From January:
Post-Apoc Studies (LJ)

And other stuff I’ve been posting:
That Guy Thursday: Nilam (LJ)
Weblit Wednesday: Poetry for the Masses (LJ)
Syllabic Sunday: Snow, and snowshoes (LJ)
That Girl Thursday: Miraym (LJ)
Tasty Tuesday: 2-Ingredient Cake (LJ)
That Guy Thursday: Thorburn (LJ)

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