If I was going to say to someone, “start here” on my writing…

…where would I start them?

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  1. I would probably start someone with small selection of your best one-shots, see what they liked, and then point them at appropriate series that have both complete and open arcs. Or just point to the meta landing page with a few more words about the content and status of various settings. Context? Is there a feedback cycle, or is this a one-shot “start here”?

      • I recall making a list of some of my favorite of your stand-alones not too long back. 🙂 And I’m fond of Dragons and Aunts, and then on to Stranded, Reiassan, Unicorn/Factory, Science!, and Space Accountant, but those are wildly different in feel, and some of them don’t have much in the way of coherent arc yet, and my tastes are very much not everyone’s tastes. Some people find cliffhangers more frustrating than others; if you have a sense about that, that would suggest pointing to finished stories vs. things actively being written vs. interesting ideas that get only occasional development, if the audience in question has fairly broad tastes otherwise.

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