Giraffe Logistics.

I am contemplating (unsurprisingly) a Giraffe Call this weekend.

Because of the April A-Z thing, I’m thinking of trying to to an A-Z giraffe call, but I’m having a bit of trouble with logistics.


1. I don’t normally get 26+ prompters, but I normally write 1 prompt/prompter unless donations occur
2. Comments across two+ platforms (LJ/DW, sometimes Twitter)
3. Many people leave multiple prompts, meaning I can’t just say “leave a prompt in the letter after the person above you.”
4. Smartasses.

Thoughts on solutions:
* Suggest if people leave multiple prompts, they do so over a letter range that does not completely overlap with the person above them. I.e., ie person 1. does a, b, and c, person 2. should do b, c, d, and e.
* Have a list of letters in the Call and cross out letters as I receive three or more prompts to each.
* Have other ways to get a second prompt written than just donations (Signal boosts, up to three?)
* Suggesting that if one is going to leave a letter prompt in another alphabet, one must leave considerable linked backup.
* [personal profile] itsamellama has suggested having an unlockable/incentive if we reach all 26 letters.
Thoughts on what it should be?

Not worth it, try something else?
Why are you still bothering with this at all?

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  1. Smartasses are unavoidable. 🙂 I think you can tell dreamwidth to import comments, but I’m not sure if you can tell it to export comments or support commenting in both directions, or if it could reasonably keep up with commenting. You could try getting everyone to comment on dreamwidth via openid, but that might discourage some people. Decide you’re writing exactly 26 things (or to exactly 26 prompts if you’re combining prompts) this call, and cross off letters / link to pieces as you write them (or decide to write them, to let people know early that letters are claimed?). Possibly not everyone will get a piece written if all their letters overlap with other people’s letters. A donation could claim a letter that hasn’t been written to yet? Do you want to encourage people to coordinate prompting so that you get a set of 26 and not too many overlaps, or do you want multiple prompts to pick from for most/every letter? ETA: I am totally the sort of dork/smartass who would try to come up with 26 alphabetical prompts if I had time.

    • Multiple prompts so I have more to choose from. Sometimes I have trouble going with any given one. And *grin* that’s awesome. ETA: how would the donation claiming work?

      • Most donation methods let one leave a message with the donation, yes? The donor could say “I would like the letter Q” with their donation, and presumably leave a Q prompt there or in comments (possibly with the note that it’s donation-supported so that other people know?) Hrm, that leaves you stuck with a specific Q prompt, though, which might be problematic. Is that worse than sponsored extensions? Those are about things you’ve already decided you’re willing to write about, though. Do you expect to have the specific smartass problem of someone donating and leaving you a deliberately problematic prompt?

        • That was not a specific smartass problem I was expecting, no! (I was mostly expecting Θ, بِيَّة, etc.)

          • I will happily leave you prompts from Dr. Seuss’s On Beyond Zebra. 🙂 But it sounded like you were planning to specify 26 English letters. You could add a 27th bonus wacky letter/non-letter category if you want to allow but limit that sort of smartassery?

            • I’m thinking of doing the Getting all 26 Bingo as “non-english wacky letters of your choice of fictional verse.”

                • Okay, so: Today’s Giraffe Call Theme is based off the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. Over the next 2 weeks, I will write one fic to prompts for each letter of the English Alphabet – one prompt per person; a second prompt for donators. If I receive enough prompts/donations to write a prompt for each letter of the alphabet, I will write two bonus stories to non-English (real or fictional) letter themes. Leave as many prompts as you wish. Please leave your prompts in the form of: A is for Apple C – Cephalopod Creeps. and so on.

                  • Do you want to say anything about resolving the case where a small set of people all prompt in a smaller set of overlapping letters and/or letters you’ve already written to?

                    • “I will list the letters here. As one becomes “full;” i.e., 4 or more prompts, I will cross it out. If i get a large number of overlapping prompts, I may ask people to re-prompts with new letters.”

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