Giraffe Call Open: A-Z

Giraffe Call Open: A-Z

Today’s Giraffe Call Theme is based off the Blogging from A-Z Challenge.

Over the next 2 weeks, I will write one fic to prompts for each letter of the English Alphabet – one prompt per person; a second prompt for donators.

If I receive enough prompts/donations to write a prompt for each letter of the alphabet, I will write two bonus stories to non-English (real or fictional) letter themes.

Leave as many prompts as you wish. Please leave your prompts in the form of:

A is for Apple
C – Cephalopod Creeps.
and so on.

I will list the letters here. As one becomes “full;” i.e., 4 or more prompts, I will cross it out.

If I get a large number of overlapping prompts, I may ask people to re-prompts with new letters.



Prompter Count: 23
Extra Prompt count: 1
Donator Count: 6
Total letters to be written: 36/26

Donations go towards summer renovations: still working on the foyer! I want to make a new bench, a storage area, and a slippers-for-guests arrangement. It’s an 8×4 space; budget is $300.

If I get two new prompters or one new donator, I will write a setting piece (setting chosen by poll) explaining something about one of my universes.

At $20 in donations, I’ll order pizza!

At $25 in donations, I’ll finally have enough for the hardwood boards, and find a hardwood store in Ithaca! – REACHED!

At $40 in donations, I will choose 1 non-donater at random to receive an additional microfic as well. – REACHED

At $50, anyone who donated $7.50 or more will have a copy of “Alder by Post” mailed to them if they wish. – REACHED

For every $50 donated, I will do a one-hour livewrite on Etherpad or googledocs during the next month.

At $65, I’ll write a third microfic to the prompts of everyone who donated. – REACHED

At $75, I’ll buy the accessories for the storage area. And post pictures!

At $80, I will write two extra 500-word continuations – chosen by prompters picked by random number generator.

Buy an Extension
500 words $5.00 USD
750 words $7.50 USD
1000 words $10.00 USD
1250 words $12.50 USD
1500 words $15.00 USD
1750 words $17.50 USD
2000 words $20.00 USD
100 words $1.00 USD

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  1. A is for Abracadabra Addergoole B is for Beetles C is for Charismatic Cats D is for Dystopia E is for Euphoric Elf F is for Feisty Friends and that should be enough to cope with overlaps, etc. (or maybe not.)

  2. H is for Holy Hot Hell Night, Batman K is for Keeping Karin-Kevin-Kat Q is for Queer Questing T is for Terrible Thorny Twins X is for Xocolatl Xantusia Y is for Yellow Yarara Z is for Zoe’s Zoo

  3. A is for Audrey B is for Beryl, the Boys in her life C is for Cthannie D is for Diapering Dragons E is for Evangaline F is for Felines attached to the Family G is for Grinning Gremlins H is for Herbs that are stored in black jars I is for Icon, Informative and yet Inconclusive J is for Junie, Jin, and Jimmy K is for Kelkathian L is for Lavender-and-tea, the voice of a kitten M is for Miss Milligan N is for Nehemiah, neighborly to past nemeses O is for Old Tyler, who sings P is for the Paths that cross in the Park Q is for Quest, a demon for a young knight to slay R is for Radar, more or less a cat — a bit more S is for Sage T is for Tinies with a hundred-year lease U is for Utilitarian Unicorns V is for Vandal and Valadictorian W is for for Willard X is for Xenophobia Y is for Yesterdays documented in Yellowing journals Z is for Zenobia

      1. A few of them are not as story-relevent as I would like. Still chewing on that! Maybe none of these should count against crossing off letters, though.

          1. I appreciate it! I remember making up this name – K is for Kelkathian – but not where!!

          2. Dragons Landing Page will get updated next, then. I’ve been working through them, but the Addergoole page took forever.

          3. Yeah, I can see that taking a while O_o The big eyes were for more story after that cliffhanger, though, and just poorly placed.

          4. It has a lot of loose ends, with three different hunting teams (and possibly the organizations behind them) to deal with! And the DND ‘verse doesn’t seem to’ve grabbed you much lately, though I’ve been hoping the new background pieces meant it would be making further appearances.

          5. For Magic, I only got two suggestions & wrote them both. For Setting Piece, I got two votes for DND so wrote DND. 🙂

          6. Just a phase. (There’s only one ‘verse I actively disenjoy writing in, and that is not DnD.)

      1. I was thinking of the archetypes and tarot cards in the Aunts ‘verse, but it wasn’t that pointed a prompt. One of the weaker ones in the set, really.

  4. A is for Alpine Adventures B is for Bushy-tailed Beagles C is for Cruising Cats D is for Dances Down in that underground school E is for [Error: letter already used up] F is for Finding Fun with Friends on Friday G is for Goggled Goblins H is for Hieroglyphs and Hippogriffs I is for Independent elves Irking Irene J is for Jealousy (eep!) K is for Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! L is for Love in the Library M is for Maurice and Megan Making Music N is for No, Nope, Negative, and Nada O is for Onyx-Black P is for Planners, their Plans, and Precocious Pups Q is for Quintus, what Queries does Quintus have I wonder… R is for Royals S is for Snippets and Slave Schools and Sent-away? (Eep!) T is for Tigg U is for Urchins of the street and their Unusual adventures V is for Vuvuzelas? No? (ducks thrown fruit) How about Visiting ‘Verses? W is for Wylie and Waiting and Work of the home- and house- varieties X is for X-marks the spot (space accountant and treasure) Y is for Yoshi in his Youth Z is for Zizny and the night it somehow ended up babysitting all the kids on the block Whew!

    1. <giggles at E> I think full alphabets shouldn’t count for using up (any) letters, because four of them will use up all the prompts, and that’s not right.

  5. J for Justice! K for Kleptomania L for lollygagging M for Manly! N for No Such Agency O for Oranges and Orangutans P for Possums and Probabilities Q for Qat

      1. R for Rubicon S for Sinister T for Turves and Turtles U for Underwear V for Vista W for Well-Wrought X marks the spot! Y for Yojimbo Z for Zonkey!

  6. A for Antlers B for Bizaar/Bizarre C for Cliffhanger D for Dashing E for Earnest F for Functional Furniture G for Gravy H for Hard Headed I for Infamous

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