Food Log, 3/14

Coffee, as per normal
shovelling – 7ish minutes of hard work
(I have a very short driveway)

Cheerios, 1/4 cup
egg salad w/ tomato and lettuce
Coco multigrain pop cake, x3

protein shake – protein powder, water, and Milk

Butternut Soup
w/ tofu
Side Salad w/ sunflower seeds
Biscuits (Alton Brown’s recipe)

Wii, half-hour

This is the lowest-points day I’ve managed in just about forever. And sooo filling.

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0 thoughts on “Food Log, 3/14

  1. How many points is bread pudding? My mom made a delicious one last night and it seemed up your alley – sweet/desserty but not because of sugar. Bread, eggs, milk, raisins.

    • Mmmmm bread pudding. Depends, but I have a Small Batch Bread pudding recipe I like that’s not too many points. Has bananas!

  2. I hope you are having a grand ol’ weekend! And I hereby nudge you to update your food log when you get back online. 🙂

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