Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 8

This is the eighth in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano Project.

The story follows the flight of a group – students and their friends – from Rochester, NY; as the world crumbles around them, where can they possibly go for safety?

Sophia Kennedy
Education Major (Theatre Minor), Nazareth College

Nazareth is a good college. It’s good for education, it’s got a solid reputation… and it’s really not the place you go if you want to play Shadowrun. Which is how Sophia ended up spending Tuesday nights – and then Friday nights and then Thursday nights – hanging out at R.I.T.

She didn’t expect it to be her crowd at first – too techy, too male, too numbers-crunchy when she wanted story – but after a bit, she found that if she talked to the right people, she could end up in games she enjoyed.

And then someone mentioned Oak & Rowan, and Soph, who had always been just a little interested in the supernatural, found herself Very Interested. She met Craig there, and Jason, Ess and Galen – and that’s how she found herself settling into lotus at one of Raven’s special gatherings.

Sophia is short, five foot nothing, and looks younger than her calendar age. Her blonde hair falls into chin-length sausage curls – the length an attempt to get it to behave which failed miserably – and her eyes are cornflower blue; people who should know better sometimes call her Little Shirley Temple.

She’s always been an outdoors sort and hopes to teach ecology when she gets out of school; she’s been taking classes for that at University of Rochester during the summer. She has a particular knack for animals that some call uncanny.

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