Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 7

This is the seventh in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano Project.

The story follows a large-and-growing group’s flight from Rochester, NY in search of safety from
the monsters and the war.

Galen Strauss

Galen isn’t even a student at R.I.T.

He met Emmett and a group of his friends at a bar – he was hustling pool, and he ended up almost losing, which impressed him.

The third night of pool led to him being invited to one of Anelle’s famous parties, which led to The Girl Called Candy inviting him to come to another party. And that, in its turn, led to several things:

For one, he found that Emmett and The Girl Called Candy regularly played pool at another downtown bar on Thursday nights. For another, he found that they had a Friday night poker game – and managed to win himself an invitation.

For a sideline, he and The Girl Called Candy ended up having a bit of a fling here and there.

And, while he was playing pool on Thursdays and thus couldn’t ever make it to Raven’s swamp-drinking parties, he did end up meeting Ess, who had pretty much been declared Raven’s second-in-command (whatever there was to “command”) at those poker nights, and started spending Sunday nights with Ess’s friends playing Vampire Tag in the local playground.

Galen is a nice even 6 foot tall; he’s slim and athletic looking and, when he’s not hustling either pool or poker, likes to jog and makes a decent living fixing cars. His eyes are greenish hazel, he keeps his chestnut hair cut very short to avoid the curl, and his skin is a dark burnished tan. His hands are long-fingered, and he’s missing the last joint of his left pinkie finger; there are three long scars along his right hand.

People at his current job call him the Truck Whisperer, although, they say, it oughta be the Truck Yeller.

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