Doeees anyone know if I have determined anywhere in writing~

~what Professor Pelletier’s Name is? And, if so, is it somewhere I can easily change it?


Edit: It’s not in the character: Pelletier tag.
Edit: Or on the wiki

Edited again: Her Name-name, her Adult Name, the way Luca’s is Hunting Hawk and Regine’s is Lady of the Lake

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  1. I think you did Pelletier is the seer? Her name has something to do with being a hunter or a trapper Would have been within the last 6-12 months, since I still remember it Addergoole sent Pelletier and … Luke? to collect the children of the woman/graduate whose birth name started with C, said woman set up a town where no one left; people who asked the wrong questions disappeared (I think she imprisoned them?) She locked up her own children when Addergoole came to take them to the school

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