Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 11

This is the eleventh in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano Project.

The story follows the flight of a group – students and their friends – from Rochester, NY; as the world crumbles around them, where can they possibly go for safety?

Douglas King
Game Design & Development

Douglas went to R.I.T. because it was one of the best, and because they offered impressive scholarships and a five-year combined Masters/Bachelor’s program. He got into Game Design because it was a good career move, and because the concepts of game design interested him.

He got into the Friday night Shadowrun game because game design didn’t stop at computers, and the Tuesday D&D game for the same reason – and because Aih played in the Tuesday game, and Aih had a smile that lit up the world.

He got into Anelle’s parties because he met Jordan in one of his classes & she invited him; he got into the parties because the people there seemed more laid-back than the guys on his floor and more intense than the stoners in the quad.

From Anelle’s parties it was a pretty easy jump to Oak & Rowan. It really wasn’t his thing, not to begin with, but Aih was there, and Aih not only had a lovely smile, but she saw the world in a way nobody else Douglas had ever met did.

And from there it was a skip and a hop to Raven’s Thursday night drinking in the swamp, and closing his eyes to the world and opening them to the other world.

Douglas is a wee bit on the short side – 5 foot seven – and a whole lot on the skinny side – barely over 100 lbs. He has dark skin, nearly ebony in shade, and eyes that shifted to a light blue-grey at puberty. His hands are almost clawlike, although that could be attributed to his thinness.

His hobby is 3D rendering; nearsighted AND farsighted, sometimes he feels like he can see space better in programming than he can in real life.

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    • Nope! And please do make it up, i picked it from the flickr user’s image that showed up on WrittenKitten while I was writing

  1. Hm! As Dr. Whom, knowing nothing about the language, culture, or place of origin, I’d say (I *have* been saying to myself) [aIh], that is, like “eye” with an h-sound on the end. But I think most Americans would either make it “A”, from the spelling as they read it, or “EYE” or “EYE-huh” from hearing that pronunciation and trying to make it work for them. Aha, I thought there was something familiar there. Aiha is the name of the writing system of the fictional Kesh language in the novel Always Coming Home by Ursula K. Le Guin, which I first read many years ago and keep going back to.

    • Considering this group is loosely based off of people I knew, Aih is probably not a given name but a screen name or a chosen name (Digaaz, Steel, Hat…) so she could have gotten it from Le Guin easily enough. EYE-huh works for me.

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