Repentance – teaser, a fragment of Boom

This comes after Unrepentant, and is just a teaser, as I need to write more on it before it’s a proper story.

But I included a dollie of Cynara!

“And your crew? How are they, now?”

“Gone, I suppose. Eriko passed into humanity…”

It sat in Cynara’s mind as the days creaked on. Dysmas was in her city. That was bad enough; he was here, walking around, free to do to anyone what he’d done to her…

…to try, at least. Boom Town looked badly at that sort of thing.

And that made her want to chew on nails and spit out bullets, as her father had been fond of saying, once upon a time. But his presence, his physical existence still on the same plane of being as her… that woke up other memories.

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