Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Prequel Vignette: Emmett

Second in a series of stories leading up to my Camp Nano Project – this one stars Emmett and the mentioned Jo & Cadey.


Emmett tried not to jump. People weren’t supposed to come up behind you and say you like that. Not even in a room full of nerds. Not even in a cafeteria full of gaming nerds.

“Me?” The rest of the players at the table were looking over his shoulder. He couldn’t tell much from their reactions – some annoyed, some amused, some confused, standard “someone is interrupting the game” faces. He was going to have to turn around – which struck him as a trap.

“Five minute piss break.” DK, the DM, stood up, pushing himself away from the table. “Come on people, smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.”

“You.” A second voice came from behind Emmett, and a hand landed on each of his shoulders. The second voice, more definitely female and slightly more firm, was almost in his ear. “Are you going to Anelle’s Samhain party?”

If he turned around, the nice hands on his shoulder were either going to vanish or turn into something terrifying. Schrodinger’s Girl: If he didn’t open the box, it was going to turn out okay.

“Who’s what now?”

The chairs to either side of him creaked. Don and Pony had abandoned him. “Anelle’s. She throws these awesome parties and her Samhain parties are the best. But you have to have an invite. Do you have an invite?”

That was the slightly-less-girly sounding voice. But it really was rude to talk to people and not look at them. Emmett turned first to the speaker and then to the other.

Two adorably hopeful smiles grinned back at him. The second speaker tapped his shoulder again, perkily. “You should come with us.”

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