Think Before You Deal

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Graduation Requirements? Blaecleah looked between Sedge-too-tall and ‘Obe-Horned-person. The conversation just kept getting weirder, and all he really knew was that he had dived in way over his head way too fast.

And ‘Obe was sighing. “Some day…” The frown was morphing into a smile. “Some day, Sedge, you’ll learn to figure out your deals before you make them. So. Yes, I can help you find a nice girl to help you with the requirements.”

“That’s not what you said! That’s not…”

“Well, we didn’t shake on it nor did either of us promise, for one.” She shifted her weight to her front foot and ticked off points on her fingers. “So I’m under no obligation. For second, I didn’t say I’d do the deed with you – I’ve never said I’d do the deed.”

Sedge’s expression darkened. “It’s not like I’m ugly.”

Wait, what? Blaecleah looked back and forth between them. Were they talking about…

“No.” The smile slipped for a moment. “You’re certainly not. It’s just that I have two more years after this, and this is your last year, and I just don’t want to, right now.”

Sedge sighed, the sort of put-upon full body sigh that Blaecleah had seen younger kids do when they were told they could’t have ice cream before dinner. “Fine. So… you’ll help? Just not… help?

Were they really still talking about… well, and if they were? People had weirder euphemisms.

“Well, you did manage to get the Easter Egg. I really didn’t think you’d be able to pull that off. So, yeah. I’ll help with the grad requirements.”

Something went a little limp in too-tall-Sedge. “Thanks, Niobe.”

Niobe! That was a more reasonable name than ‘Obe. And she was smiling a sort of sad older-sister smile. “You had reasonable expectation that I would help you, even if your listening skills are in doubt. What are you going to do with the kid, now?”

With the… she meant him. Blaecleah looked up at Sedge. There was a feeling in his throat like he was going to puke, and he didn’t understand why.

The look on the tall guy’s face didn’t help, either. He looked down at Blaecleah and sighed, all put-upon no-ice-cream again. “Damn, I don’t know. Do you want him?”

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      • Yeah, but as the old saying goes, don’t do the crime if you aren’t willing to do the time. Now, if he’d planned from the beginning to grab someone into a keeping and then pass them on to another… But Sedge isn’t striking me as the planning type. At least not beyond one step plans (or two in extreme cases).

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